Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

As shared before, I really like to give handmade gifts or at least store bought things that are altered and made personal. I put a lot of time into coming up with the "right" gift for someone and like to think I am a pretty thoughtful gift giver.

We have a new baby niece to buy for this Christmas as Shayne's sister had her first baby, a daughter named Noelle, back in March. This is her first Christmas which is always an exciting thing! Along with the fun toys and other typical kid gifts, I wanted to give her something special. While browsing Pinterest, I came across this photo-

Inspiration photo found here.

It's a sweet glass ball Christmas ornament with a baby's handprint on it. I thought it was such a sweet idea. A Baby's First Christmas ornament is pretty much a must in my books. I decided to make one for Noelle.

To start, I went to Michael's and purchased some glass ball ornaments (with a coupon of course!).


I also purchased an oil based Sharpie Paint marker in white. Oil based ones are good for sticking to glass and I wanted to make sure it didn't rub off. Then I simply took one ball out and wrote "Noelle's First Christmas 2011" on the ball.


Since I didn't have Noelle with me, I can't put the handprint on yet. I purchased a dollar store tin to wrap it up in and placed it in a bed of soft pink tissue paper (so sweet).

dec 20 001

I packaged it all up and plan on bringing two different paint colour options to Christmas (pink or purple- have to take advantage of girly colours when you can!). This way we can add her hand print on the actual Christmas day to the other side of the ornament and she will have this little momento for many Christmas' to come!

dec 20 003


  1. That is adorable! I love all these DIY Christmas ornaments I keep seeing on the internet – I wish they sold those glass ball ornaments here!

  2. That is so cute! I'm sure her parents, and later down the road Noelle herself, will really treasure that ornament.

  3. That is absolutely adorable! Take a picture of it after she paints her hand-print on it!

  4. This is the coolest gift ever. My mom stole Severin (my little guy) and made us a hand print ornament for his first Christmas. Love it!

  5. @Ainhoa @ALittleBite They don't have those balls in Spain? That's craziness! Can you order them online somewhere?

  6. @Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove I will try to get a pic for you guys.

  7. @Amy@BR Thanks! I hope Noelle and her parent's think so too! I am sure Noelle won't really care at this point but hopefully it will be meaningful later on : )


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