Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Handmade Gift

Yesterday, I shared with you the handmade Christmas ornament I plan to give my niece Noelle for Christmas. Today, I thought I would share another small gift I have made for her- a little photo book.

My other niece Myla, always loved pointing to pictures and saying the people's names once she started talking and knowing who people were. She would constantly be pointing at photos on the wall naming off the people and feeling quite proud of herself. It was very cute and still is.

Noelle is still too little to be doing that (she is only 9 months old) but I imagine she will be doing the same things shortly. She really loves my camera and when I show her the screen with the photos on it- she gets very excited. With these things in mind, I thought I would create a little photo album of sorts for her. I wanted to customize it a bit though so I collected photos of her family members (parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grand grandparents and herself) and then photoshopped their names on them. I thought this would be a fun detail and allow the book to be educational longer as it shows the letters and spellings of people's names. I picked up a small fabric covered photo album so it would be soft and easy for her to grab and hold and printed off the photos. It was very easy but turned out really cute. I think she'll really like it.



I also thought I would share Shayne and I's DIY ornaments this year. As mentioned when I revealed our Christmas tree and inside decorations, we made some ornaments for the tree last year. I picked up some kits again this year and we made them this week while watching my favourite Christmas movie- The Santa Claus. I think this will be our yearly tradition. They are fun to create and it adds to our ornament collection. This year I made a penguin and Shayne made a small pinecone elf. The penguins beak got a little stained with black ink as Jixer got ahold of my ornament kit last week and got the black body wet. Let's just call it added memories.





I still have to add the ribbon or string to hang them by but I love them so far. Very cute.


  1. These are such cute crafty projects :)

  2. The penguin is adorable! And using pinecone – genius.


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